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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Surprising Sunflower World


  1. After hours of searching insect ID sites....
    methinks a Goldenrod Soldier Beetle? wife brought in a potted flower stem crawling with aphids. As sort of a lark, we
    sprayed it with tresseme hairspray to 'fix'
    a few in place; stuck it under my 40X zoom scope and she placed her digital camera down
    the scope eyepiece. The photo was interesting enough she is thinking of entering it in the county fair. Since then, she has tried every
    natural spray on the pests...which seem immune.

  2. I’m trying out a new camera and am not happy with it at all. Everything about it is much slower than my old camera. Besides that, the zoom is jerky rather than smooth, and even the close-up setting goes in and out of focus, sometimes never settling on sharp focus at all. This shot, for example, does not satisfy me. It should be better. But the subject matter was interesting enough that I posted the unsatisfactory photo.