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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic of Water in Motion


  1. LOL...I should read titles...I went straight to the photo..thought...lace curtain? Perhaps a photo through a bunch of tall grasses? Maybe a swarm of bugs? NEVER thought water! Huh!

  2. That's funny, Dawn. We were sitting at our outdoor dining table, and the sprinkler running over by the birdbath was casting its cool, refreshing spray onto the grass, with boat on sawhorses behind. The birds like the moist ground, and I was watching for them bathing. Saw the curtain of water.

  3. Unusual view of sprinkler effects! Am intrigued by the 'streak' each droplet makes;
    surely the streak length divided by the shutter speed gives the velocity of each drop.
    Not only artistic, but sort of a technical study....