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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Arizona: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

In courtyard of Mexican restaurant in Cave Creek
Almost blossoming

Birds' nesting holes?
Apple-like flower vine vine on garden wall
A plant as big as a person! But it's not a tree!

Light catchers climbing rocky hills
Little old mining (now tourist) town of Jerome

Magnificent red rock outside Jerome
Former mining area
Can anyone identify this old piece of machinery?


  1. Have been to Jerome once, remember driving up a steep mountain to get there. Have no clue on what that old machinery was for.

  2. If the machinery were around here, I'd think it had to do with agriculture, but that seems like a long shot in the mountains. And on the subject of mountains, a friend last night said, "You went to JEROME? Omigod, I was scared to DEATH up there on those roads!" Luckily for me, I wasn't driving.