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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Landscape Color

Photoshopping out a lot of the photographic detail makes it easier to appreciate the amount of color (not edited) in the winter landscape.

Here (added in later, by request) is the original, unchanged except for being reduced in size and pixels for faster upload:


  1. Very very cool...impressionistic photography! And what a LOT of color too, pretty!

  2. Fascinating study. For we photoshop impaired
    (the redeye function mostly makes my eyes red
    when attempting it), it would be instructive
    to have the 'before' photo as well!

  3. I thought of posting the unaltered original and may add it later (no can do from slow dialup connection) but really wanted to "focus" on the color, which was especially bright in the late afternoon sun.

  4. Looks like I cropped the altered one a bit, too, but I think it's clear when comparing the two how much more one focuses on COLOR in the altered version. In the original, don't you just see mostly winter-bare trees on a sunny day? The color is there, but it doesn't jump out the same way. At least, that's how the two look to me.

  5. A agree there is more (apparent?) color in the
    impressionist version. When I imagined, or 'focused' the shopped version, I thought the forground to consist of redbark brush:
    surprised to find it an orchard. My college
    art prof suggested that my appreciation of
    technique blinded me to art as art.

  6. From photograph to impressionistic painting....