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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boat--Project, Builder, Tools

This project is underway down where Northport Creek pours out into the harbor and people launch all sorts of boats. I was on my way to shop at the farm market and stopped to take a few pictures. Historically, this site was home to Bill Livingston's boat shop from 1949 to 1970. A quote from Milt Rogers I found this morning in A History of Leelanau Township is appropriate here:
With his superb boats went generous samples of the Livingston philosophy of life. To be deplored were mass produced articles, depriving their makers of the satisfaction of creativity.

Livingston would no doubt be pleased to see the hand tools being employed on the current project where he built so many boats, sometimes taking two years to complete a project.


  1. That frame looks a bit like one of those Viking
    longboats. Considerably deeper and sturdier, though. Any idea of the looks of the finished

  2. BB, I knew there would be questions and that I wouldn't have the answers. I have to get details, including the boatbuilder's name, from him and get back to everyone!