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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Manitou Sunset, August


  1. Sunsets are so difficult-my wife has dozens
    and bemoans they don't match up to the real thing. In looking at your photos, I am reminded of the work of Alison Meyer
    a photographer out this way who specializes in local subjects. Talked to her a couple of times at the farmer's market and she is that
    rare type that does excellent photography but
    fits it with loggers, professors, hunters and the rest of us local cranks. We have some of her works and my professor daughters now far
    away decorate home and office with photos of
    'home'. I wonder, are there a lot of these
    'local' photographers in various areas of the

  2. BB, I am a local bookseller and blogger--quite the amateur when it comes to photography, but I do enjoy escaping from words now and then and experimenting with something new. Had four candidate shots for today's post and decided to go with just this one. The view from the road back of our farm is pretty much just this, with these differences: The real thing is way bigger! With the real thing, you can also feel the breeze and hear the crickets. The real thing isn't a "thing" at all...doesn't hold still...fades away all too quickly but is the more precious, perhaps, for that.

    A couple of the top local photographers in our lovely county are Ken Scott and Jeff Ripple. You can find out about them at these sites:

    They are premier but hardly alone. The beauty of Leelanau County makes it irresistible to photographers and painters.