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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meadow, Part I

Now that the meadow has been cleared of autumn olive, its main botanical residents are grasses, milkweed and beautiful, persistent clumps of alfalfa from back when it was a hayfield--which was before it was a cornfield! That's what I mean by 'persistent.' I seeded one corner of the meadow with wildflowers and native grasses, and there the daisies are floating on the surface like fallen leaves on a pond, and the coneflowers are coming on, but I'll save that corner for another day.


  1. You are about 3 weeks behind us. I took a lot of photos of milkweed back then...they're all seed pods today...

  2. I saw first tiny seed pods forming yesterday on plants in town. Those in our meadow are later than others because of the June mowing.