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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Looking at Single Beech Leaves in Winter


  1. I always thought those leaves left in the woods (on smaller trees) were dogwood...? So, they're beech? That's interesting. Pretty too.

  2. Often it seems the littlest beech trees hold their leaves the tightest. That soft color in the otherwise black and white landscape pleases me.

  3. When I took master gardener classes they said that young trees, particularly noticeable with oak trees, hang on to their leaves through the winter. Maybe beech are the same.

  4. Grath,
    Since that is Beech, I guess I shouldn't be Talking about Dog Wood, yet I was So Surprised when we Moved into an Area that has Dog Wood Trees. I Always Knew they had Pretty White Flowers, but I never Realized that they also have a Rather Unique and Pretty Peach Like Color in the Fall.

    Your Dog is So Cute and Pretty. I just Love him, or her.

  5. I had wondered about that, Dawn, as it seems the little beeches that have the most clinging leaves.

    Lista, which dogwood has peach color in the fall? We don't have tree dogwood here, except in planted landscapes--too far north. We have a lot of what are called red osiers, with beautiful red color against the snow, but I've never paid a lot of attention to their fall leaf color. Will have to watch for it.

  6. I forgot to say, Lista, that my dog's name is Sarah. She's a three-year-old Australian shepherd/border collie mix, and we love her, too!

  7. I was Commenting about Dawn's Sheltie, but Austrlian Shepherds and Border Collies are Nice too. Lots of Energy.

    We have a Samoyed Named Shasta and we Love him too. Lots of Energy and a Little Bit of a Pain on Rainy Days, since he's indoors a lot.

    In California, Dog Wood Trees Grow in the Mountains. My Dad Loves them and Used to Like Driving through Areas that have them, in the Spring, when they are in Bloom, but I Received a New Treat, in the Fall, when we Moved to the Northern California Mountains. There are Lots of Yellows and a Few Reds, in the Fall, but the Dog Wood is Peach, quite Unique and Different from the Others.

    If you Live Back East somewhere, then you may have other Trees with Peach Colored Leaves, but in California it is a Unique Color. Very Pretty.

  8. The confusion is mine, Lista, and there was no excuse for it. Obviously I didn't read carefully, or I'd have seen you addressed Dawn with your dog compliment. Just chalk it up to the fact that David and I are so goony in love with our Sarah! (Katie is a beautiful girl, too!)