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Friday, September 24, 2010

Forest Fog (Fixed)

Small change, big difference. See original below for comparison.

Or does it still need more trimming? How about this?


  1. Karen and I went for a walk in a place that looked like this...a nature preserve north of her somewhere maybe? I can't remember where it was, but I think I recognize the trees! LOL!

  2. I'll have to ask Karen where you walked. As for recognizing the trees, we had an old Bohemian neighbor who not only knew all the species but recognized individual trees and remembered them when they'd been young. It was a trip to walk in the woods with him! And, though he was much older (an older WWII soldier), we could hardly keep up with him. They don't make guys like Julius any more.

  3. The third one "trimmed more" gets my vote! I have these debates with myself all the time, too. Interesting how moving the frame changes the image.

    I figure forty years from now someone will reminisce about you--"She had this great dog, and she could tell me about every book in the store. She knew them all, and could always help me find just the one I needed. They don't make women like Pamela any more."

  4. I like the third so much more than the other two that I considered taking #1 and #2 off. But then I figured, if this is a photography blog (of sorts), might as well let people see the whole story once in a while.

    Your praise of me is far too high, Gerry. There are many books in my store I haven't read, and I'm far from 100% with matching books to people--although, I must say, sometimes I think they would do better with my recommendations. But that's another story.