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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Evening Light Variations

It was a beautiful evening in clear, sharp focus.

When I tried it out of focus, I liked that, too.

This particular scene was much more interesting without clear edges.
And then there were the insects dancing in the light, looking like something rising through deep water, heading for the surface.

Finally, a somewhat stereotypical sun-and-clouds shot closed the day.


  1. Lovely, all of it! Such a nice evening you had!

  2. Thanks, Dawn. Can you believe I got the front yard mowed, too?

  3. OK, now, that sun and clouds shot stopped being stereotypical the minute the nice orange yolk appeared at the exact spot to show to best advantage! The setting disk is so often flat--or, um, sharp, I'm getting lost in the underbrush here--but this one is meltingly rounded, and nicely set off by the lacy black tree silhouettes. I like that very much.

  4. Thank you, Gerry. I admit I worked to frame the shot and to catch it at just the right moment.

  5. Magic evening light! How are you doing keeping two blogs going? Is it easy or hard for you? Which one are you posting on the most?

  6. t's not much more trouble, Kathy, since this one is mostly photographs, with little if any text. I post more regularly on "Books in Northport." This one is pure self-indulgence.